Banana Split


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“Banana Split” brings a double exciting dose of an insightful musical expression. Full of energy and curiosity, TRUS! fill their side of vinyl with post-punk playfulness, indie-electronic mischief and seductiveness of trashy pop. Therefore, it's simply impossible to put their musical expression inside the usual genre compartments and pull up obvious comparisons with other bands, which is just one more reason to cock our ears and simply spin the music. On the other side of the disc, kleemar took care of sentimental ethereal electronics which explore the subtle melancholic microambients and invokes a delightful atmosphere. Kleemar remains indefinable by genre, as well, as he draws influence from very diverse artists such as Mount Kimbie, Dan Deacon, Gold Panda, Four Tet, Album Leaf, Caribou …


released December 17, 2013


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Track Name: TRUS! - Movie Star
They will tell you what to do,
How to do and where and when to do it.
They will tell you how to feel about it
And how to look how you feel about it.

You dont have to think about it
It is just like in the movies
They will tell you
When is your turn
Track Name: TRUS! - Enemy
I will accept this game of overtaking
And push you into the chasm
Already tomorrow new plan I'm making
Without you, my enemy

On the road , far away
With new identity, marching on
Not so sure but it might be
That I long for you, my enemy

I neglect, I ignore
thought I hate you, my enemy
but you are the only one who dare to compete
so I need you, my enemy.
Track Name: TRUS! - Phantasma
without sound.
Invisible shadow.
In a dark ,
cold breath.

Walk with me.
Or you prefer to sneak?

Long time distance,
lost in time,
my invisible guardian.

no more.
that's why.
Black and white,
It's your gaze.

Sneak with me.
Or you prefer new technique?

Cursed to wander.
Banned to dream.
My immortal guardian.
Track Name: TRUS! - Seven Words
Locked up in a booth with cars running past me
Countless eyes, ears, fingers, all in a hurry
Everybody is going places
and all I do is count the money

»Have a nice day« is better than nothing,
But it won't really do,
»Have a safe jurney«
Is what I say to you

Soon machines will take my job forever
From the looks of it they might even do it better
They are empty as it is
Don't need the seven words at least

»Have a nice day« is better than nothing
but it won't really do
»Have a safe jurney«
is what I say to you

If you ever see him sitting in a booth, down the road
Just share, will you, seven words please, seven words at least
Track Name: TRUS! - What Do You Do
You've got the path laid down before you,
Somewhere in the papers, the math, the money,
All the numbers add up to nothing
Yet you still need to start choosing.

What do you do when you can do anything?

The parade of prepared consumers
Creates the noise in your thoughts,
Lead them astray
Turns them into rumors.

What do you do when you can do anything?

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