Golden Men


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Nikki Louder are chaotic noise rock trio from Slovenia. Their third full-length album entitled "Golden Men" significantly differs from its predecessors. Sure, "Golden Men" can be loosely defined as post-punky instrument-slaughtering noise rock, elements of chaotic wall-of-sound textures are still present, and thundering rhythm section still forms thick and solid base over which noisy guitars and screaming vocals dance wildly. However, new Nikki Louder album sounds a bit more straightforward and less hermetic than before, the songs have a certain ethereal color and are somehow more concrete, and as such the album will probably be a step more digestible to those used to a more "classical" noise-rock approach. But don’t be mislead – "Golden Men" is by no means less heavy and intense, and this development of band's sound only shows their ability to shift and mutate inside a frame that can be very restrictive for bands who aren't dexterous and sophisticated as Nikki Louder are.


released April 17, 2013


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Track Name: Golden Men
concrete walls
round brains of cotton
small minds appear
as stained glass

twist and turn
the truth around
gold and man
mean golden men
Track Name: Barefeet
we walked through the river
barefeet - very good idea
we were lost when we started
home was just an echo

i was supposed to leave that day
not to be seen again

lights reflected in your eyes blinded me

can i sleep here? i won't stay long
your sunny hair kept me up all night

i saw the owl on your skin
she smiled at me
Track Name: Mouse Dress / Hey Joe
you drove in a mouse dress
i was asleep
we went upstairs
did some krauty dancing

your roommate
sang to me
in broken english

we laughed so much
our heads fell off
hey joe
where's your queen?
hey joe
where's your precious?
Track Name: Bridge to Infinity
no queen will punch like a man
no body, nothing
too much blood
they'll think we did it.

he loved no carpenter
hanged on a cross
south, east, west, but not north
there's nothing so far north,
you could do in those oceans
Track Name: Indian Companion
howling with 1000 wolves
i'm their indian companion

we woke up the neighbours
danced with their daughters
stole their light bulbs
and went on

wolves came along
we weren't alone
Track Name: Past Is a Trap
eyes like kaleidoscope make journeys more pleasant
stop by the river from time to time
lay in wet grass from time to time

photos in muddy colours
ring a bells from our youth
slow deep breaths from our youth

ignite - start a fire - let burn
getting old on a highway
paved roads with no ending

it’s like i know you from years back
yesterday feels like years back
Track Name: Bro Way
simulated war zone!
each other
at high speed
and then we went to to the top
prophets, successful
had sold no more
Track Name: One Day Friends
when i came home
you called me a bastard
and slammed the door in front of me
now i'm alone

then one day
i think we could be friends

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