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all systems working i am feeling fine begin the countdown start the engine now this astronaut is ready to have some fun as i rise higher and higher into the calm blue embrace i swear i can feel it expanding but i see no god up here that's what cedar said to dawn
in the final chapter you should make peace with foes stage the last entrance with fireworks and noise and then send in the clowns after the final curtain i will take off my mask i'll bow for the last time as i abandon this world of farce and run off with the clowns
they got lost in the valley of things forgot what they want conquered by the commerce kings who made their fortune selling manufactured anger and instant happiness magic drinks read between the lies of their perfect life maps take off the ready-mades and throw away the rings open you eyes and welcome to the desert of the real
as the ship set sail slowly towards the west our heroine was walking through a classic phrase: destination unknown she exhaled she didn't look back pirates grew out of fashion like an old song i could tell the whole tale but i will quote her instead: off with my head!!!
i wish i was cornered by the worst nightmares i'm obsessed with emptiness it is always darkest before i close my eyes i have this hopeless habit of dying old habits die hard
wait untill the night falls then take a boat ride across the channel when you pass the old bridge you'll see the clashing rocks this is where i'm stranded inconstantly this place is obscurely in between the fear's dripping all over metastes like i'll never be free your mission is very sensitive the distant drums keep calling forever comes and goes in inconstantinopolis this is where i'm stranded
so we lingered on in the city of sunday afternoons smoking ourselves sterile with menthol cigarettes waiting for the broken clock to strike midnight
if i had to choose i wouldn't have it any other way i want to live my life in exclamation marks no questions no full stops no commas no dashes only complete and unabriged notes of admiration
your porcelain disbelief is so wonderfully pale would you like an alternative ending? flip a coin do you bet on heads or tails? the fortune favours the brave put on your smile and hold your breath untill the earth stops turning if you are not satisfied flip a coin for heads or tails


released November 9, 2009

Fear not – the flame of independence burns on! Playing through your speakers, ANALENA’s new record, intriguingly titled Inconstantinopolis, adds to its mighty blaze. A glowing celebration of DIY ethics. A messenger of action, independence and self-control in an age of corporations and all-encroaching social networks. A fixture on the map of the underground scene for over a decade, ANALENA is now even stronger and more determinedly persistent in its do-it-yourself activism. Remaining resistant to the pressures of consumerism, the band is still propelled by a creative DIY drive manifesting through the care for one’s own self, through managing concerts, through recording, releasing, promoting and distributing their music through their own Moonlee Records.

After their debut Arhythmetics, a split-adventure It's Never To Late To Split Up with Austrians Sensual Love, the second LP Carbon Based, and line-up changes, the four-piece telepathically suspended between Zagreb (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia) has emerged fortified in mind and body and has recorded and released an explosion of energy and emotion. Self-recorded at their own Kozmo studio to the baton of their guitar player Mijo, Inconstantinopolis is a burning torch at the head of the band’s discographic history. Mr Moonlee himself was lost for words, managing only a surprised: “Like fire!”.

Take the time and let go of your prejudices! Mind your health and watch your back! Don’t be fooled by the latest neologisms, extending from post-punk and indie power pop through a galaxy of noise towards rock and hardcore. At The Drive-In, Red Monkey, Life But How To Life It, Yaphet Kotto, Submission Hold, Hole, dEUS, Envy, Pretty Girls Make Graves – these are just some of the names associated with ANALENA. But why fill your head with references? Do you think that ANALENA play only so that they could be compared to others? Wrong! They are driven by the desire to be different, to discover new worlds, and to express their opinions and messages. This is what makes it so difficult to fit ANALENA’s poetics into a single mould – yet that does not mean that they disintegrate into a hundred pieces. On the contrary, on their new Inconstantinopolis ANALENA is compact and balanced.

ANALENA is not one of many: ANALENA is an absolutely unique wave of sonic fantasy, rousing your imagination as it rolls uncompromisingly from the beginning to the end of the record. So take the journey through Inconstantinopolis – through the full frontal scream of lead vocal Ana, disciplined by sharp cuts of guitar and thickened by a thundering bass, which never escapes the focus of precise and sovereign drumming. Don’t miss the well-concealed melodies, nor the lucid guitar interplays. Abandon yourself to a music at once forceful and atmospheric, uncompromising and dreamy, precise and chaotic, playful and tense – to this complex and harmonious interweaving.

ANALENA has not fallen asleep on the laurels of its past. It has remained ANALENA and as such it march on with vigour and spirit, fearlessly, uncompromisingly and sticking to their clearly defined vision, which is absolutely priceless in these inconstant times...

Moonlee Records

Ana - vocal, bass guitar
Mijo - guitar, back vocal
Miran - guitar, back vocal
Zet - drums

Recorded mostly live by Jomiajjomi & Brle and mixed by Jomiajjomi at Kozmo studio (Zagreb, Croatia) spring/summer 2009.
Mastered by Carl Saff.
Cover by Darko Kujundžić, inspired by modern mechanics.



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