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After two years slovenian punks INxSANE are back with split 10" with long time friends Despite Everything from Greece.


released April 20, 2012

Co-production of Moonlee Records (Slovenia), Jump Start Records (USA), Fond Of Life Records (Germany), No Reason Records (Italy), Not Shy Of The DIY Records (UK), Laserlife Records (Austria) and Poutana Ola Records (Greece).


all rights reserved



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Track Name: In-Sane - 12#
I'm stuck with the meaning
of what really life is
a daily routine or a forsed dirty habit
I'm so sick of the templates
and world they present me
belive I've got so much
but still I have nothing

and I hate this comfort that I'm supposed to feel
it fills my mind with million digits
and keeps me focused on what i need

it keeps me struggling to survive
as long as I don't lose my mind
'cause the things I was taught,
they never seem be quite right
for not one
chance of revolution inside this heart
they beat me down, they beat me down.
so this is our world
we were born to suit the sistem
Track Name: In-Sane - Born Again
In this moment
I want to put my heart back in your hands
And let it grow
Let it beat again
And in this moment
we could be content again
with what we've got
with what we've hoped for.

And in this moment
we could place our hands on each others chests
and breathe
make this world a better place
And in this lasting moment
we'd be one and whole again
We'd be on the top again.

I found this brand new definition
A brand new fire to burn hate
this is how it feels now
feels to be alive again

A brand new story but the same old place
just another tape to change
we are hoping for the best
we are living for today

You're saving all your strength for tomorrow
when will you think about today

Hope will conquer over sorrow
And we'll live our lives free!

I'm better of right now
I'm better of right here
I'm better of with you
I'm better off!
I'm better of right now
I'm better of right here
I'm better off this time
I'm better off!
I'm better off!
I'm better off!
I'm better off!
Track Name: Despite Everything - No Smoke Without Fire
I said what man,
I am shooting stars like a madman,
but the fuckers won't come down
and I’ve been swimming in the open sea
like a sailor left to drown.
Now the lights are closing in
and I know the waves are breaking out
in a shore far away,
I just wanna scream and shout.

This time hell yeah,
the candle is burning at both ends
dry land, not in sight
and I won't go without a fight

This damn thing has worn me out
and I just cant keep up your pace
will I catch my breath again
if I could forget your face.
Will I sink myself again
Breathless in half-empty bottles
Left to mold in a bottomless grave
strike a match to burn the ashes.

This time hell yeah,
the candle is burning at both ends
dry land, not in sight
and I won't go without a fight
Track Name: Despite Everything - At Arms Length
Last night I saw fists up in the air
Turning into fingers pointing the blame
But as we keep on rolling on our comfortably arranged beds
We’re losing everything
Losing everything we worked for
And just for this time
I 'd go back to burn it all down

The ocean swept me away

The ocean swept me away
From my feet into the deep
As the sky tumbles down on

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