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released December 4, 2006

SENATA FOX is all about fast, thrashy hardcore punk. These four individuals made sure to show y'all that in this era of modern hardcore (spiced up with black outfits, tight t-shirts and make up) there still exists unpretentious, down to earth and most of all genuine hardcore punk. There are three words to describe SENATA's music: "FAST! SCREAMING! POSITIVE!". If you want more details though, I can definitely say that unlike most of the bands in their genre, SENATA FOX pull off some amazing guitar riffs as well as some interesting breakdowns and song structures in general.

It was year 1999 when these boys (later to become monsters) started this band. Original intention was to rip off as many past and contemporary hardcore punk bands from all around the globe and add a bit of personal touch, all that with purpose of expressing anger and frustrations caused by the modern life. Since then, after a few line-up changes, European tour, a few releases and numerous shows these "beardos" are still alive and attacking with their most effective weapon which is outstanding ludicrous live performance, performing songs about life,nature, politics, relationships, human and animal rights all wrapped up in a package with a tag on it saying "true hardcore punk". The band strongly believes in DIY as well as vegan/vegetarian lifestyle and it's members are no strangers to the HC/Punk/Indie scene/community which they've been a part of for ages through various bands (Panacecja, Amok, Drotweiller, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, 5 Minutes To Steve...) as well as activities (zines, labels, booking)

Finally, the time has come, and SENATA FOX's first discography CD is ready to hit your player... Besides 10 new and 2 unreleased songs, the discography includes live video footage, the split tape with Serbian grindcore band No Abuse, split 7" with another Serbian band called Unison as well as the split LP with Croatia's finest anarcho crust punks AK-47. We can easily say, without putting SENATA FOX on a pedestal, that this CD reaches the highest peak in their genre and it's truly amazing to see that Mr. Moonlee got his hands on this discography titled The Acracy Discourse and will exclusively release it through his Moonlee Records. This time Mr. Moonlee is treating you with 41 songs plus 9 songs (live video footage)!

Moonlee Records

Vedran – drums
Davor K – guitar
Ivan – vocals
Tvrtko – bass
Davor B – guitar

Žec played bass through tracks 12-41, Marija did guest vocals on track 41.

Tracks 1-10. "The Acracy Discourse"
Track 11. also released on "No One Dies Alone" CD compilation (Brand New Place, 2005.)
Tracks 12-21. also released as Senata Fox / AK47 split 12" (dhp47-A/I/D, Fuck Yoga, Humanita Nova, LiberTea and Twisted Justice, 2005.).
Tracks 22-27. also released as Senata Fox / Unison split 7" (Good Samaritan, 2003.)
Tracks 28-39. also released as Senata Fox / No Abuse split tape (Good Samaritan / LibberTea, 2002).
Tracks 40-41. unreleased tracks from studio sessions 20/2001.

All songs by Senata Fox except "Sutra" by Razlog Za and "Nazi Punks Fuckkk Of!" by Dead Kennedys. We wrote the lyrics for "La Kurtizana" but stole the music from La Kurtizana (R.I.P.)

Tracks 1-11 recorded at our rehersal room. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Iko @ Kut Sobe, Zagreb, 2005.
Tracks 12-27 recorded, mixed and mastered by Mijo and Senata Fox @ studio Kozmo, Zagreb, 2003.
Tracks 28-41 recorded, mixed and mastered during October 2001. @ studio Kozmo b Nixa, Bojan, Mijo and Senata Fox.

Cover and booklet layout by Ray Lee O. and Senata Fox.
Cover art by Jasmina.
Remastered @ studio Kozmo by Mijo.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Senata Fox - Evolution
The have-nots will have less
The wealthy will have more
Another species dead
More people enslaved

Wrap our mother Earth
In concrete veil
Shatter all life
Let everything become grey

Until total extinction

The end is near
It’s so near
The end is near
The end is now!
Track Name: Senata Fox - Dead Drunk Drivers
No more paper obituaries
No more roadside monuments

What where you thinking
When you sat behind the wheel?
When did your driving licence
Became licence to kill?

Dead drunk drivers
Track Name: Senata Fox - No Love
You thought life had a meaning
After a warm kiss
You thought you filled the void
With never ending bliss

But you never thought
Love could hurt so much
You're not the only one
With a broken heart

No love
Just hate

There was never love before
There will be no love no more
There was only lust before
And you thought «no means no»

Date raped
Track Name: Senata Fox - Harder Core
Do the push-ups
Lift some weights
Go to gym
Learn a few chords
Get a tattoo
And fuck politics

It’s no life on the street
It’s no life at all
Harder core
You’re a joke
Track Name: Senata Fox - God Is Not The Only Enemy
When you say
God is dead
You raise your voice against the oppression
When you say
God is dead
You know there should be none above you
But when the time comes
You stand in line like a sheep
God is dead

God is not the only enemy
State is god’s true companion

Every time you turn on the radio
Every time you turn on TV
Every time you look around you
Their eyes are looking
Their ears are listening
Track Name: Senata Fox - Nature On Sale
Who gives a fuck
About few acres of woods
When our lazy asses
Need more and more roads

Our sea will be dead
When tanker ships sail
But it will get our government
Shitloads of cash

Nature on sale
Track Name: Senata Fox - Child Of '68
You wear the grim
You tell the lies
You never sweat
When you look at my eyes

How can you sleep calm at night?
Knowing that your thumb decides
Who lives and who dies

What is the driving force
What does the difference
That turns idealistic youth
To greedy dictators

The child of ’68.
Child killer today
Terrorizing world
In pact with USA
Track Name: Senata Fox - It Won't Go Away
Pressure, pressure
I can’t stand it no more
Pressure, pressure
How low can I go?

No more!
It just won’t go!
No more!
It just won’t go away!

Stop it, stop it!
I can't help myself
Stop it, stop it!
There’s no end in sight

But I’ll keep trying
To make things right
And I’ll keep trying
I will never give it up
Track Name: Senata Fox - Boycot!
You try to force-feed me
You won't succeed
I can see clearly
Behind the closed doors

I will not support you
And your death machine

All the atrocities
That your business does
«For better tomorrow
our products are made!»

For a better world!
Track Name: Senata Fox - Art Is Dead
We are the ones who will burn it to the ground
And never let it from ashes to ascend

Nothing is sacred
No one is divine
Let's paint it all black
And burn it to the ground

The art is dead! Give me something to dance to!
Track Name: Senata Fox - They Rule Us All
We are like slaves
In kingdom of the dead
They rule us all
And keep us in chains
It’s what we deserve
Because we are dumb
Stupidity always
Breeds misery

Hate the rulers
Fight the kings
Track Name: Senata Fox - Vote For Death
You say you know my needs
You say you'll make it right
You say you give your word
But your words are lacking truth

Compete, compete for better chair
The only thing they care
We think they are our helping hand
For them we're just a mob

It's not ruling of majority
It is tyranny of minority

When you vote in democracy
You vote for death
Track Name: Senata Fox - Carry On
Guiltless vultures
Feed on your strength
Fulfil your destiny
With this mindrape

Grip your teeth together
And hold your tongue inside

Pray on your knees
For the success
Pray on your knees
There is no way

No, no, no
There's no other way

Kneel, bleed
Don't look up
Face the facts
This is your life

Good work
Carry on
Track Name: Senata Fox - Your Expectations
I don't know
And I don't care
What you say
Or what you think
Your twisted morals
And frustrations
Are no excuse
To control my life

You'd be better as roadkill
Than your daughters father

I will not live
Your expectations
Track Name: Senata Fox - Loosing Control (Is Gaining Control)
What you reap is what you saw
What you see is what you get

Loosing control is gaining control

Fly away
Find a way
Find a way
Don't give it away
Track Name: Senata Fox - Only Memories Live Forever
I've attended high school
Read Camus and Orwell
And if you ask me
That makes me pretty smart

I'm only kidding
It is only a joke
But issue is here
That those two men had right

We're all trapped
In this space and time
We didn't existed before
And we won't when we die

So we ask ourselves
Why are we here
But we don't know the answer
For reason to be

I only know that all the things we do
People we love, things we feel
Things we fight for, will become the words
Or maybe memories, when we cease to be
Track Name: Senata Fox - All Different, All Equal
I know that slogan "all different all equal"
Is made mainly on racial base
Because Mr. big mouth politician
We're not equal and I want you fuckin' dead
Track Name: Senata Fox - Bastards Of Greed
Bastards of greed
Lords of lies
Selling salvation
To those weak in mind
Or no mind at all

Die, die
Burn in hell
Die, die
In hell you created
Track Name: Senata Fox - Attack Of The Giant Tomatoes
We live in world of choices
Where we can chose between
Soda drinks made of plastic
And gum sponge instead of a bread

Mutant soy beans for soy milk
Paprika with genes of a fish
Fresh fruits from a basement
For nutritious and healthy meal

Attack of the giant tomatoes

Shapeless creatures for pets
Science in service of profit
If we don't become monsters
Our kids certainly will
Track Name: Senata Fox - You Die
You die!

Throat cancer and black lungs
The last thing you will have
Before the moment you die
So don't worry about bad breath

Poison yourself
And people around
Be stupid enough
To pay for your death

Try to lick my asshole
You'll probably feel the same
As you put that corporate trash
In your already sewn mouth
Track Name: Senata Fox - Crush The Titans
They just need another war
To show who is the master
Don't listen to his masters voice
Bite the hand that starves you

No more
No more

Now is the right time
To stop being hopeless
Now is the right time
To stop being helpless

Let's put an end on tyranny
And crush the titans
Track Name: Senata Fox - No Excuse
Nameless, helpless
Innocent victims
Of one sided war
With no chance for defence

Nor for a food
Nor for the clothes
Nor for the fun
There's no excuse

Nothing that you do
To try to justify
Will not wash away
The blood from your hands
Track Name: Senata Fox - Laughing At The Jokes
Look at us today
I can see the end
You and me together
Caught up in a mould
Laughing at the jokes
That are not fun at all
Track Name: Senata Fox - Vegan Power... My Ass!
Hey you kid with girlie haircut
With studded belt and leather shoes
You've got really nice tattoo
That says "vegan power"
Yeah, my ass!

Oh, I can't eat that stuff
It has nasty E471
And I've got really nice tattoo
That says "vegan power"
Yeah, my ass!

Fuck the punk kids on a catwalk
Track Name: Senata Fox - J.V.J.J.M.
My eyes can see
My ears can hear
My heart can feel
Things you never will

My world, your world
Two different worlds

Track Name: Senata Fox - Nationality Is A Lie
Brainwashed from the first day
You've became a tool
They've created a machine
Working by their rules

Nationality is a lie
Right wing scum fuck off and die

You think you fight for justice
Don't be so fucking blind
I will never understand
What makes you so proud
Track Name: Senata Fox - Sutra
Written by Razlog Za
Track Name: Senata Fox - Do You Think I Really Care?
Are you vegan? Straight edge? Punk?
Anarchist? Feminist?
Do you think I really care?
Do you think I care at all?
And I suck just like you.
Track Name: Senata Fox - Feel Free To Give Us Your Money
Raised to consume, to buy and posses
Ladders of success, what a miserable decay
Media dictates what you eat and wear
You can't escape, it's everywhere

Skid row for tree
And tie for a rope
With blood in our eyes
We search for revenge

One day I'll enter the mall
With mask on my face
And gun in my hand
Shoot all of you fucking parasites
Mass consuming isn't fun for you now?
Crush down advertising banners
Bonfire of your catalogues
How that new modern shirt fits
With bullet hole through your chest?
Track Name: Senata Fox - Hitlist
They are killing us slowly
Some of us are not even aware
That's why we made a hitlist
To show we are the ones who care

Kill the hunter
Kill the rich
Kill the butcher
Kill the priest
Kill the diller
Kill the rockstar
Kill the teacher
Kill the cop

When we kill the fascist scum
We're not even close to be done
Track Name: Senata Fox - Can You Tell Me...
Can you tell me why you always
Talk about respect and unity
But every time you come to gig
You always beat somebody up

Fuck you!
I don't want you here
To destroy the good time
I have with my friends
Your place is not here

Fuck you!
Feel free to leave
This scene forever
We don't want you here

Why is all you have to give
Only hate and intolerance
Can't you see you're fucking wrong
In my life you don't belong
Track Name: Senata Fox - It's OK To Play Fast
It's ok to play fast
Playing fast is what we want
When song is too long
We get pretty bored

We know what hardcore is
Hard core is state of mind
And we like it old school way
Played short, fast and loud
Track Name: Senata Fox - Dawn Of The New Era
In line they stand
Despair in their eyes
War machine
Creeps down their spine
All of creation
Stand test of time
When two gods collide
With their names they die

Who's the master?
God named Profit
Nice day to die
Blood covers the ground

In body bags it's fun to be
It's dark and quiet, and not so spacious
Back at home they'll be honoured as heroes
For god and country nothing but zeroes
Track Name: Senata Fox - Weeds Vs. Vegetables Aka Cauliflower Power
I don't know what's all about fuss
Inhale/exhale, you think you'll fly?
Rave about some stinky weed
Neglecting plants that feed the world

Down with the dullness
Praise the cauliflower

Smoke won't fill up your stomach
It will make you empty
So stop raving about some stinky weed
And give praise to the cauliflower
Track Name: Senata Fox - To Scream For Deaf To Hear
So safe behind our shells
Confined in our true mission
Revolved, react, resist
We're left to believe
Pebbles of sand in desert of mankind
One in a billion

To scream for deaf to hear

As we separate from each other
We believe we stand for something
But we are just copying outside
In our so called perfect world

But nothing's gonna change
Cause we're full of shit
Soon we'll be old enough
And turn new page of life
Track Name: Senata Fox - Lovers Song
There are times when word are not enough
This is the song for the lovers when they run out of words
Track Name: Senata Fox - Welcome To The State Of Punk
Why the fuck you don't stop preaching
About fighting the system and government
And how we shouldn't be conformists
When you are the first one to be

Smoking and drinking, paying the tax
Screaming about anarchy while supporting the fucking state
Your mohawk and your crusty look
Just another uniform you can't escape

I'm sure you'll be the first one
To judge me and say I'm fake
But I have His Hero Is Gone shirt
Few patches, and you'll see what a punk do I make

The other day I saw your band playing
And after the show you smoked a lot of pot
Well if that's the way to say fuck the world
Then, way to go! But don't count me in
Track Name: Senata Fox - La Kurtizana
You don't need a quality to gain equality
Don't turn your head away or you'll be led astray

(Lyrics by Senata Fox, music by La Kurtizana)
Track Name: Senata Fox - Nazi Punks Fuckkk Of!
Written by Dead Kennedys

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